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Crop Share week ending 27th August 2016

assorted vegetablesPotatoes, onions broad beans, french beans, calabrese, red cabbage, beetroot, turnip, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper chilli

There will be eggs if available and bread if you have ordered it from Ian by Thursday mid day.

That’s quite a haul this week isn’t it? Great value.

Crop Share week ending 20th August 2016

cucumberPeas, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, calabrese, beetroot, peppers, cucumbers

Don’t forget to order your bread by Thursday mid day by way of Ian. Keep an eye out for eggs and also the famous home made jam using local Temperley fruit.

Go Local Food Produce Galore

Crop Share by Walter LewisWalter Lewis, the photographer who is running the Feeding Body and Soul website has just added a second update on Go Local Food.

He has added a glorious selection of pictures which show off the produce which goes into the crop share for members each week.

Do visit the page to see how good things look (as well as to keep our ratings up and keep us in the public eye on his website).

It’s an excellent display of the variety of produce grown on the fields up at Ovington. Because we see the fields and the crop shares so regularly, we possibly don’t appreciate just what we have in front of us. Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to tell us just what an excellent scheme Go Local Food is and what value it has for its members.

Walter the Photographer is still working

Bunches of RadishDo you remember last year we had a visit from Walter the Photographer who put pictures of Go Local Food on his website?

He is still at work keeping up the website with new pictures and updates – he’s been to visit the Organic Pantry who have been one of our suppliers over the hungry gap and also been along to The Paddock who are local to us as well.

It’s good to know that we are part of a group of local suppliers who share our ambitions to supply local food ethically produced and to reduce food miles.

If you want to remind yourself of what he said about us – do visit our information on his site as a refresher.

A wonderful crop share, August 2016

Bumper crop sharePeas, broad beans, french beans, potatoes, lettuce, summer savory, tomatoes, peppers, chili, cabbage, broccoli, onions, cucumbers

What a bumper harvest from the Go Local Food fields and poly tunnels this week.

Grown locally, freshly picked, from field to plate with hardly any food miles. With the chance of  locally produced bread and eggs if you have ordered them.

Oh and locally made jam from Temperley fruit as well.

What’s not to like?


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