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Why Amy Joined

Continuing our occasional series about why people joined Go Local and why it is important to them.

Amy joined GO Local Food about 4 years ago as a work share and since then has found herself involved in much else! She is currently a Director and our events coordinator, and is always on the lookout for help with events. Amy continues to enjoy just being on the fields too!.

Go Local Food Member Amy


Hotting Up

Our compost project is hotting up! The temperature of our new ‘hot compost’ is rising rapidly which means we will soon be using our first batch of compost on the fields

Hot compost reading

Wild life on the Go Local Food Fields

hedge sparrowA wealth of wildlife on and around Go Local Food – eventually a list of the birds seen and heard on the Go Local Food fields back when the dawn chorus walk was held:

Blackbird, Blackcap, Blue tit, Bullfinch, Carrion crow, Chaffinch, Chiff-chaff, Cockerel, Collared dove, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great tit, Greenfinch, House sparrow, Magpie, Pied wagtail, Pheasant, Peacock, Robin, Starling, Swallow, Skylark, Sedge warbler, Song thrush, White throat, Wood pigeon, Wren

Even with the cockerel and the peacock known not to be on the fields but heard locally that is an impressive list. Makes the growing methods we use worthwhile to see and hear the richness of the wildlife.