Crop share for the week ending 15th December 2018

This week's crop sharePotatoes, Chinese cabbage, baby fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, Brussels sprouts


Have an ethical Christmas

Christmas treeFor those of you who celebrate the Christmas season, another vegetable supplier has suggestions for how to make the season more ethical.

Simple things are the order of the season which you can read about here.

Especially good are the suggestions at number 4

“On a more serious note, Christmas isn’t a time of plenty for everyone and it’s worth remembering as we tuck into yet another feast that many across the country are going to bed hungry. You can volunteer at community food networks such as FoodCycle and help cook and host meals made from donated food, or there are initiatives like the reverse advent calendar, which involves adding one item to a hamper throughout December and donating it all to a local food bank.”

and at Number 5

Busy high streets, bad weather and traffic can mean it’s all too tempting to use certain online delivery giants for your shopping. But Christmas is a vital time of year for independent shops, which face an uphill battle competing with online shopping for the rest of the year. Make this year the year you log off and explore your local town or city with its independent shops or markets. It’s also a way to reduce your carbon footprint – instead of ordering five different deliveries in five different vans with their respective diesel emissions, take yourself to the town centre and do it all in one trip.

Meet another Member

Chris, who lives in Stocksfield is another of our work shares, is keen to make sure that our growing is environmentally sustainable. Brussels Sprouts from our fields are her favourite veg. And when not working on the fields she is busy promoting lots of folk and traditional musicians.

Chris Pentney

Not the best growing week

potatoesThe report from the Go Local Food fields this week says very wet, very cold, very wet and with a forecast of very windy from Friday for a couple of days. Not exactly working weather though some parsnips have been lifted. If the 7 day forecast is correct then Ian our grower thinks he might be able to finish lifting the potatoes next Wednesday. Here’s to hoping.