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Crop Share for the week ending 27th May 2017


Ian says: potatoes, green onions, lettuce, Pak choi, radish and possibly turnips and carrots

And of course there are the herbs that are free to cut and take as part of your crop share

Another useful invention

Compost sieveGo Local Food is the proud owner of another no cost invention to help in the work that needs doing.

Ian, our grower, has been raiding spare materials in order to create a large sieve next to the compost heap. Shovel in the compost and the fine soil drops through the netting which keeps back a lot of the rougher “stuff” that doesn’t want digging in or spreading when we come to use the results of the composting.

Doubtless there will be tweaks before everyone is happy with the “invention” and decide to give it a name but the basic item is tested, useful and working.

Meantime the other useful invention, the Rusby wrapper mark 2, is still being well used around the Go Local fields  where biodegradable cornstarch is helping to protect the crops from weeds.

Meet Fred

FredFred is the black feline rodent operative who really resides with Halls of Heddon next to the Go Local Food fields.

However, Fred is often to be seen hunting over our fields. Mice, small rodents and even the odd rabbit or pigeon are all in the day’s work if Fred is hungry and such offerings come his way.

Let’s all make Fred welcome. Anything and anyone that helps us to protect our crops must be good and useful.



Happy 5th Birthday to us

Our first harvest!!

Our first harvest picked in 2012

Go Local Food was started in 2011 but didn’t start growing our own crops on the fields till 2012. So it’s time to celebrate five years of crop growing this year. A good excuse for a party don’t you think? So here’s the plan.

Field – Fizz – Friday – Fandango! for members and their guests, Friday 9th June, 5 – 7 pm

An opportunity to raise a glass! Come and collect your veg on Friday? or just come and join in – AND – bring a friend, neighbour, colleague, or someone you have been trying to persuade to join. We’ll have a tour of the fields for any new faces and there will be an chance to win a year’s crop share.

To make this work, we are going to need to know numbers in advance. Look out for the sign up sheet that will be in the Palace.

And look out for that wheelbarrow which is now being used by the willow person we built this year.

A Sea of Greens

spinachAs a newcomer to Go Local, I’ve been both impressed and challenged by the volume of greens included in the share. We love greens, so the challenge has been an enjoyable one.

I’ve discovered some delicious recipes from Melissa Clark of the New York Times.  I rarely look elsewhere on the internet for recipes these days as quality of the recipes at the NYT are second to none. Melissa, if you haven’t heard of her, is a brilliant young chef whose recipes never fail to impress. You can access the recipes for free though you have to make an account.

I’ve also rediscovered how delicious barely-tender greens with high quality olive oil and sea salt are. I’m an olive oil snob. Get a good peppery olive oil from Sicily that makes you cough a little when you have a teaspoonful of it and see for yourself. The selection at Mmmm at Grainger Market is excellent and you can try before you buy.

This week, try Melissa’s Spicy Pan Fried Noodles, which uses spinach and spring onions. I’ve made it a few times and here are my comments:

  • This tastes like pad Thai if you use peanuts and rice noodles.
  • Cilantro is fresh coriander.
  • Scallions are spring onions. This recipe calls for a cup, which is a largish bunch.
  • We go through loads of sriracha sauce in this house. If you love spicy stuff, get some – all of the big supermarkets sell it.
  • Leave out the salt as it really does not need it with all of that soy sauce.
  • This recipe calls for around 120g of spinach. You can use at least twice as much, just use a big pan!