Members meeting report – 11 January 2014

We had a really productive members meeting yesterday – we talked about what to grow next year – and what not (kohl rabi doesn’t seem to have been the most popular of last years crops!). There are lots of variables to consider – longer cropping and smaller bags or a shorter season of bigger bags? How many varieties do we want? More is better, and we really enjoyed the more unusual veg’ (chinese cabbage my favourite!!) – growing a wider variety of crops helps to manage the risk of any failing, but also means more labour is needed, which is the major expense. We also agreed the ‘deal’, weekly crop-share will be £30 per month – just £7.50 for that amazing weekly share (and cheaper when there’s 5 bags in the month?!) and in 2014 we’ll be offering a fortnightly share option.

Sean gave us a summary of the work he’s been doing to expand the offer. Suma orders are going to start soon and we want to talk to local poultry, meat, egg producers – and more, to negotiate some competitive rates for our members. The vision of Saturday mornings not just being about collecting veg’ but our weekly shop is so exciting!! Members already get discount at Halls of Heddon – just show them your card.

And last but not least, the cake was fab and Andy bought along a fine selection of bread and olive oil.

Directors will be feeding back to members with the 2014 plan after our next meeting on 21 Jan. If you’re interested in joining email Fi or Chris for more info.