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Go Local Goes wild for BBQ recipes!

by on August 24, 2014

BlacberriesIt feel like autumn is here. You can see it in our produce on the field – bright orange pumpkins nicely ripening for example. But it can be seen in the hedgerows too. Over at Temperley where we grow soft fruit the hedgerows are full of nice ripe brambles.

One of my tasks for the BBQ on Saturday (30th 5-8pm) was to make a cordial. I was feeling like there was a gap in the soft fruit – too late for currants and raspberries but too early for elderberries. Luckily blackberries have come along early to fill the gap. Ian and I spent a couple of hours picking and the result is three litres of cordial!

ChillisI’ve also been working on cheese stuffed chillis to go on the BBQ. I’ve been using the hot banana ones because of their shape and they’re not unbearably hot and go well with a soft cheese.

Filling them was a bit of a challenge but a piping bags seems to do the job.

I may have over-practiced a little because Ian appears to be expecting them to appear at pretty much any meal I cook now!




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  1. Duncan permalink

    You can also batter and deep fry chillies, using a gram flour based batter such as you use for onion bhajis. The result is crisp, delicious and less hot than eating the chilli raw.

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