Tomato Soup Recipe and Events

Tomato soupThere’s always a lot to  do to get ready for Saturday morning harvest but I really love the bustle of it! And then I love seeing members come to collect their veg! Some people I’ve known for a long time, and some people I’ve recently met through Golocal.

Today while I was chatting to people I was thinking about how Go Local Food has changed the way we think about food and what we actually eat! We’ve had a lot of tomatoes recently so there was lots of chat about tomato soup and sauce. Here is Ruth Whiteside’s version:

She said: Yummy! Garlic, chillis, peppers, onions, courgettes and tomatoes all from Golocal Ovington. Got a real quick to it!

My version (at the moment) has tortilla crisps in it- soggy crisps sounds a bit weird but trust me, its really good just put them in the bowl and pour the soup on top!

We also talked about the amazing chillis! Quite a few people are freezing theirs but I got thinking about drying them, so when I’ve had a go I’ll let you know! I’m also going to make another batch of chilli jam for sale so watch out for that!

Topic of conversation on Saturdays is often how much nicer it is to come to site than to go to the supermarket! It really feels like a bit of a social occasion! From next week onwards we are going to have a shot at making tea/coffee and cake so people can really stop and have a chat if they have time and wish to. So there’s something extra to look forward to!