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Field Update 5th May 2015

by on May 6, 2015

Cherry TomatoesThe inside crops in the poly tunnels are coming to an end now as it is time to clear the space for the next set of crops. Ian has many Sweet Million Cherry Tomato plants in need of moving on out of their tubs into proper beds as they are beginning to flower prolifically.

Josh, our latest work share member, was busily pricking out calabrese in one of the poly tunnels this morning ready to bring them on for planting out. He says that the fledgling robins are beginning to leave the nest and explore the poly tunnel.

The recent sudden drops in temperatures and the high winds have held back crops which are already in the ground. Both the peas and the broad beans have slowed down nearly to a stop. Ian says that it feels as if the growing season is suddenly a couple of weeks behind where it was at this time last year.

Although there has been a reduction in the problems we have with hungry pigeons, a new pest has appeared this week. We have partridges which have taken to biting off the tops of the onions. And it seems that we have a whole tribe of them!

comfreyBocking 14 Comfrey, the sterile version which does not seed, was planted on purpose to provide fertility in various forms in the fields. It would seem that there is also the natural Comfrey which seeds on site as well.

The original intention was to use the comfrey to make comfrey tea to use as a fertiliser as it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium along with many trace elements. Unfortunately comfrey tea smells very strongly and this was affecting our landlord’s business next door which led to complaints naturally.

So now the comfrey is being used as an activator on the compost heap and dug into the soil to add fertility to vegetable trenches which is probably a relief to our workers and volunteers as well.


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