Field Report 13th May 2015

Pea SupportsWarmer days, chilly nights and high winds are slowing down the growth of outdoor crops at Go Local Food. However the field is beginning to fill up.

The broad bean bed is extending with more successional sowings being added to the original rows. The broad beans are ‘Monica’ – a market gardeners’ crop which is early and said to be high yielding.

More peas are also appearing in various beds. And the twiggy pea supports give a clue as to where more will go.

Runner beans are appearing in their little pots on the heated propagation bench in one of the polytunnels. If it is a really good year and a good crop, Ian has plans to try drying some of the runner beans to share with members. If the pepper crop is as prolific as last year, then he also has plans to try drying some of these as well.

The first of the tomato plants are now Tomatoes on stringsout of their pots into the polytunnel soil and supported by strings – looking good.

In the working polyunnel, black plastic bags have been prepared with a base of manure, recycled compost from Chopwell Woods, a little compost on top and bone meal to be added to encourage root growth. These will take the next succession of Sweet Millions Tomatoes. Of course there will be feeding, hopefully with liquid organic seaweed.

Ian has hopes that the potatoes in buckets will be ready to pick and share in the next couple of weeks as there are the first signs of flowers on the foliage.

And work is proceeding on clearing an area of the cold frame of weeds so that some of the crops in the working polytunnel can be placed outside in cooler conditions to harden off – leek seedlings are definitely in line to go outside.