Up on the fields at Go Local Food

Squash Patch

Squash Patch

The rain this week has been good for all the crops which were thirsty. Everything has perked up.

It has made it easier to do the weeding as well. It’s been possible to pull out the weeds rather than having to deal with sun baked soil.

This is good news in getting the fields looking good for Saturday afternoon when we are expecting visitors for our open day.

The squash patch is now planted up and protected – a promise of pumpkins to come then. Meanwhile the aubergines are causing some headaches. Although they were hand pollinated, some of the flowers have not formed aubergines behind them.

The last of the summer brassicas are being planted out and seeds sown for the winter ones. There’s the usual long term planning. Basil is being potted on in the poly tunnels too to keep the herb supply going. The late sown parsnips have put in an appearance which is nice as that will help to bulk out the season’s crop share later on.

And the radish seed heads that didn’t get a mention on the crop share last week produced 2kg! Quite a haul there then but a patient job in picking and preparing for your share.