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Work on the Go Local Fields

by on July 23, 2015

Ducks in cageThe old duck pen has been cleared out and there are plans afoot to make this into a children’s area where the youngsters can grow quick and easy crops like radish.

The last planting area near the beehives is ready to be filled up with a variety of winter brassicas and Ian is hoping to get these out any day now. The squash cage is being opened regularly in the day to allow pollination – insects and bees required here. Funnily enough these do not seem to attract the pigeons so much but they do attract any stray rabbits.

The winter onions need to be pulled and dried as they are beginning to go to seed. Did you know that you can fry the wider part of the flowering stem as onion rings? See, nothing needs to go to waste.

Ian did say in parting that Walter, the photographer who goes around the crop share association sites like ours once a year taking pictures, observed that he had never seen so many yellow members of the cucubit family (squashes, courgettes …). Ian attributes to the cool weather up till recently. Walter was a visitor last Friday if you really need to know!

Joan was starting to roughly weed out the romanesco cauliflowers this morning whilst Jude was watering the poly tunnels. Ian’s next job as I left was to go round with the strimmer – he was buckling up the harness and filling up the monster as I ran for the bus. I suspect that he had intentions to remove the potato haulms now that they have flowered to reduce the possibility of blight.


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