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Field Report 2nd September 2015

by on September 4, 2015

It looks as if the barbeque last weekend was a very pleasant event and that plenty of people turned up. At least that’s how it felt on the day on the field.

The runner beans have caught up with themselves and are producing six to seven kilos a week. The climbing French beans are flowering abundantly at the moment – if the bees visit the crop many continue for some time yet so long as the weather doesn’t turn into seriously autumnal type. It looks as if it will be baby corn rather than large cobs this year.

plum tomatoesIan always thinks that summer is over when he has pinched out all the tomato plant tops. Most of them have produced about 8 trusses which is not bad. The plum tomatoes are doing well and there will be about five to eight kilos in the crop share this weekend as an alternative to other forms of tomatoes.

The work share folks will be glad to hear that the cherry tomatoes are coming to an end – could that be that the picking in the present system is a bit awkward?

The work share folks will also be glad to hear that the potato lifter has been fixed so that there will not be the requirement to lift potatoes for the weekly crop share by fork and digging!

Spaghetti SquashIan stood in the spaghetti squash area and said that it could be a search and rescue operation to pick the required number for the crop share when they are ready! Wonder who is going to get that job Ian?

Today onions were being lifted, spring onions were mentioned as a job to be done, late peas needed weeding and so did the one of the brassica areas.

It looks as if the blight may well have struck the tomatoes in one of the tunnels. It has definitely been humid enough and ideal conditions for this. But the tomato crop is so far reasonable enough for the grower to be happy and the blight is late enough for us to have harvested a goodly quantity. You can’t control the weather unfortunately.

There are some doubts about the cauliflower crop at the moment. Despite the amount of manure added to the bed before they were planted out it seems that the conditions in that area are not yet exactly right. These things take can seasons to get just so.


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