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Field Report 9th September 2015

by on September 10, 2015

crop protectionThe weather suddenly feels autumnal so the outside crops on the Go Local Fields will be reacting to this change.

But Ian is determined to get the best out of the rest of the month and hopes that warmer days will happen before autumn really sets in with leaf fall, full scale mists, fog and frosts. He’s busily sowing all the seeds that are around to make the most of what we have left. He’s going to try radish, mooli and maybe turnips outside. Fingers crossed.

Left over seeds? Hmm well there has been a regime of station sowing this year to reduce the number of seeds and be more economical rather than thick sowing earlier and later to allow for loss to pests. The pests (such as slugs, snails and caterpillars) have taken no notice of the change of regime and have taken their crop share even so. So next year plans are for a combination of the old thick sowing methods early on, station sowing in the height of the season and thick sowing again at the end. Well that’s the plan – but you know how it is with plans.

The cherry tomatoes are definitely due to be removed to the compost heaps as they are beginning to rot. Sad but it comes with the end of the summer and as Ian declared the end of the summer last week when he topped out all the tomato plants, well what did we expect?

Lettuces, chard and komatsuna have been planted outside in the fields. Did you know that komatsuna is fine for us to eat when small but if left to grow on, then it’s a fodder crop? There you are – this week’s useless information.

Some pumpkins have been discovered hiding in the same bed as the spaghetti squash – somehow a naming mix up? Anyway there will be a pumpkin or three from the looks of it. That’s the good news as there was some feeling that none at all would be produced this year.

There are a lot more seedlings ready on the benches in the working area that are due to be planted out in all available places, either in the poly tunnels or in the fields.  So there is still plenty of work still to be done.


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