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Autumn work

by on October 17, 2015

Garlic bulbsThe winter garlic is being planted out on the field – should all be done this week.

Some onion seeds have been planted in tubs in the poly tunnels – they should make spring onions over the winter.

As a trial Ian has planted some garlic seeds from the seed  heads from this year’s crop to see if they will grow. If successful then there could be garlic flavoured chives from the poly tunnel – if not, well nothing lost.

Ian has also sown a few carrots (Nigel) in one of the poly tunnel raised beds to see if he can get a late crop. That would be good if he is lucky.

There are more seeds on the go in trays (red veined sorrel, more Arctic King lettuce and kale) and some are nearly ready for planting on – things like corn salad, chard, pak choi.

The tomatoes should  be coming to an end in the next two to three weeks. Ian commented that you like your beef tomatoes. From a grower’s point of view they are disease resistant but also very slow to mature and ripen.

The strawberries have had their autumn hair cut. Some of the outdoor summer herbs you have been getting free really were cleared from their tubs last week and the compost deposited on the little trial bed near the poly tunnels for working in when there is a moment.

Outside, things are slowing down for autumn but no-one has yet told the weeds yet.


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