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Caterpillars and Brussels

by on October 23, 2015

cabbage-white-butterflyIan spotted an excellent crop of caterpillars on the Brussels sprout plants this week! Well if we want brussels sprouts these caterpillars need to go. How? And in an environmentally friendly way?

The following quote from the Royal Horticultural Society website gives the following advice:

Non-chemical control

  1. Inspect plants regularly and pick off the pale yellow butterfly eggs, white spherical moth eggs and caterpillars when seen
  2. Growing brassicas under fine netting or horticultural fleece can exclude adult butterflies and moths from laying eggs on the crop. Care must be taken to ensure the netting does not touch the plants or the adults can lay eggs through it.
  3. A biological control is available for caterpillars which is a pathogenic nematode called Steinernema carpocapsae. The longer the treated caterpillars and foliage stay wet, the greater chance of the treatment being effective, so apply during cool dull weather.

I’m sure Ian will be happy for volunteers to come and help pick off the caterpillars!



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