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Skip Diving and other goings on

by on November 20, 2015

There was a trailer loaded with insulation boards which will be used in the building of a new propagation unit to be unloaded on Wednesday. There was also a marvelous trolley from some shop back room that will allow seed trays to be stacked in the small polytunnel – this will help with the space on the work benches. It’s amazing what you can find in skips – one person’s waste can be another person’s treasure. In this case Go Local has gained on things which can be put to profitable use.

Moving onion setsIt’s a case of wet, wet, wet at the moment. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing happening. Space has been created as the planted up winter onion sets have been moved from the small poly tunnel. The planting of onion sets continues – there are about 800 in position at the moment with some more to be put in tubs or trays.

There are the diagrams out for the planning of what crops will be grown where next year – an important piece of winter work. The poly tunnels also have to be kept watered, weeded and planted up to provide for the crop shares in the winter.

Despite the weather, the runner beans have finally been taken down and the supports stored for use next year. The sweetcorn is waiting to be composted when the ground is dry enough to move the leftovers.

The bottom poly tunnel was partially flooded last weekend in the heavy rain overnight from Saturday to Sunday. It seems the cause was run off from the top field – Ian thinks a ditch might be very useful if this happens often in very wet weather.


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