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Last year Walter visited

by on February 6, 2016

dwarf beans planted outDo you remember the visit from Walter the photographer last year?

Walter Lewis spent a good part of 2015 travelling around England and Wales, visiting and photographing people who could be put under heading of alternative farmers and growers. That included Go Local Food at Ovington.

He is now starting to create an output from the photographs he took in his travels. He is now in the process of setting up a website called Feeding Body and Soul  in which he is posting pictures and information from his travels.

He says – to quote:

“Whilst there is a fair degree of selection in the images used in setting up the site, what is on show is by no means a definitive collection. They are primarily meant as an archive – a legacy document describing the alternative, sustainable and ethical food production world in 2015. The ‘definitive collection’ will come in the Autumn in the form of a book of 100 or so images. Art Editions North have agreed to publish and work is in hand on content and style!

Also starting in the Autumn, and running through 2017, will, I hope, be series of exhibitions of the work. Whilst based on the definitive collection in the book, the exhibitions will also feature images from around the locality of the exhibition, and will, if all goes to plan, be mounted in partnership with food activists working in the locality. There will also be series of outputs via Mimeses North, the collective I am part of and where the idea of a food related work was born.”

You will find that there are buttons on his website where you can follow by email or follow on his Facebook page. I’m sure that many of you will be interested to see what other local food producers similar to ourselves are doing and to see the outcome of his project.

A really interesting project and so good to know the outcome of his visit even if we never get into the final cut.


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