The state of play

onions in traysIan says that outside field work is well behind with all the rain that has fallen. He has started to clear all crops from the first field and move manure into place for ploughing in. There are more loads coming next week so he does need dry weather to allow the ground to dry enough for ploughing.

But this all feels like a month behind he says. Fingers crossed that March does nothing nasty then.

The weather has been so bad that it has not even been possible get outside to finish the cold frame. And desperate measures have had to be taken to make the paths beside the poly tunnels fit to walk on.  The onions need planting out from the cold frame but the weather has prevented drying of the ground so far. Not to mention the wind damage to the dome.

As an aside, Ian has had an unexpected visitor at Temperley. An unplanned visit from an amorous tup has provided some unexpected lambs. Good lambs says Ian – but the wrong colour. He breeds Suffolks and Suffolk crosses with black legs and black faces but suddenly he has a group of lambs that are all white (legs and faces too).  Hmm! Best not to laugh. And he still has the normal lambing to come. Well I tried not to laugh.


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