Fruit, fruit, fruit ….

CherriesRemember Ian’s orchard and the planning that was going on?

Bridget has been busy working there to help things along. It seems that white currants, tayberries and blackberries too have been added to the items planted out from the list of the things under consideration. There is also rhubarb.

Also seven pot bound dwarf root stock fruit trees have been donated. Ian has been told that they are apple, pear, cherry and plum but can’t be entirely sure which is what or how many of each there are at present till spring comes and growth appears. But he thinks there are four apples, one pear, one cherry and one plum.

Lets all hope that everything grows and flourishes because there will be jam for sale and fruit to be offered to members (at a small price) during the summer.

Dream of happy eating.


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