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Outside field work now underway

by on March 19, 2016

Field workIt must be spring.

The work share team is now in action and you can see that there are beds being worked on and weeded ready for spring planting.

Some beds have surprisingly few docks and just a lot of annual weeds. But over by the poly tunnels the docks are showing vigorous growth and will need a lot of hard digging to get rid of them. The good weather over the weekend helped with the field work by allowing the ground to dry.

Broken spade handleWe have proof that some work has been done in more ways than  one. Seven trays of winter onions have been moved from the cold frame and planted this week; mind you there are enough for another five beds and at the moment there isn’t space planned for that many more. Especially as there are twenty five kilos of summer onions to go in as well.  There is space left for three rows of summer onions where the planning requires ten rows.  And planning says that onions don’t want to stretch into the planned leek beds. Has the onion crop been planned very generously? Does sound like it doesn’t it?

The outdoor buckets of herbs are beginning to show growth despite the wet weather and standing on plastic sheeting which doesn’t allow drainage. They would be better standing on sand in wet weather but the plastic keeps the water in during dry periods and with it not being level it provides shallow puddles for bees.


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