Field work

New One Year BedIt’s not easy to work outside with the temperatures being so variable – from nicely warm to below normal for the time of the year.

Despite the best of intentions last week, the parsnips didn’t get planted as Sean and Ian were diverted inside by sudden very heavy rain which made planting seeds difficult to say the least. It wasn’t the best of weekends from last Friday through Saturday.

There is now horse manure on the top (new) bed in the area not being used by Halls of Heddon this year. This is being left to rot down so that later on when the season is right the hungry squash crop can be grown.

At present there is one row of potatoes planted and plans for two more rows to go in the space left. And with bio degradable membrane put down it will be possible to put in summer onions (from sets) as well. So there are plans to make this a really useful extra growing area this season.


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