The bio degradable plastic laying machine

Constarch laying machineWith the plans to use bio degradable cornstarch to help to cut down the weeding on the fields, it has been necessary to invent a mechanic aid to laying down the cornstarch. This is to save the time of growers, work shares and volunteers who are needed to ensure that there are adequate crops to plant out. And to plant them out.

Thanks to Ken Rusby, Go Local Food now has an operational mechanical aid which cost us less than £100 rather than paying over £800 for a new one.

That is quite a saving then and Ken deserves a vote or thanks. And yes it works – the first row had been laid out as you can see. Ian needs now to work out how many rows he can lay out to go under the hoops used for netting the brassicas against the wild life (think pigeons and cabbage white butterflies). There are both red and stone head cabbages urgently needing to go out into the ground so the netting is going to be essential ….


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