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Outside work on the fields

by on May 7, 2016

parsnipOn Thursday 60 metres of parsnips were sown along with 60 metres of radishes to act as row markers. 75 metres of Rocket potatoes were also planted along with 50 metres of onions and 15 metres of beetroot.

On Friday 50 – 6o dwarf beans were planted in the poly tunnels as it’s too early to put them outside – they are not really frost hardy.

Another bed is being prepared for more parsnips and also one for the red cabbages which need to go out as soon as possible.

The posts are in place for runner beans and cardboard is at the ready for mulching them – but again a little early for actual planting out.

The annual weeds on the first field are being hoed with the rotovator (only the top inch or so being cultivated) before bio degradable cornstarch is laid down using the wonderful in-house created machine. The weeds will add to the goodness of the soil, as you would do with a bean trench, so helping the crops to be planted in the future.


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