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Eggs and bread

by on May 8, 2016

breadAt the moment there are only four hens laying as the fox destroyed seven others. There are four hens in the next batch to replace these but it will take time for them to get into their stride as layers.

There should be 19 ducks but Ian only counted 16 recently so either Mr Fox has had three or they are sitting on eggs away from home. Ian says he will have to track them down as he’d rather they came home than became lunch for the said fox.

There are nine ducklings in the “brood box” which is the final stage before adulthood and more following. It could be that seven or eight of these are drakes in which case they will be sold on. Some go to a lady who goes to shows with her collie and takes part in herding duck classes. Herding ducks you say? A little light reading here for you and also here! If you are a YouTube user I believe that there are also videos about duck herding there.

And we could do with a lot more orders for the artisan bread made locally in Wylam.  Get your orders in by Thursday morning for weekend collection with your crop share when you really should remember to take down your tag from the line! Please.

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