Field work outside this week

red cabbageTurnips and more parsnips are sown with outdoor radishes to mark the rows of parsnips.  The radishes should germinate quickly whereas the parsnips are slower so the marker is an early crop for your shares whilst being a marker for the parsnips which come later. The red cabbages are now planted out as are more onions.

Strimming and grass cutting with the mower to clear the paths is the next job outside.

The last of the bio degradable cornstarch has been used on the fields and an order for another 1000 metres has been placed. Ian hopes that this order will be delivered on a roll!

The water butts are back to normal and fit to use following cleaning, disinfecting and refilling. Unfortunately Ian’s rain dance yesterday didn’t have a great effect so the spring water supply is still low. Strange to say that after a wet winter we are suddenly hoping for rain to encourage crop growth.

The sudden change of weather to chilly for a few days means that it will be wise to earth up the potatoes – just in case frost strikes. It isn’t the end of May yet and frost is still a danger outside.