Potatoes thanks to Halls of Heddon

Halls of HeddonWe have planted 150 metres of second early potatoes thanks to a donation from Halls of Heddon. We now have an interesting variety of second early potatoes for you to try.

British Queen is an oval white skinned and white fleshed potato which is popular for its versatility in the kitchen – it which needs gentle simmering to produce excellent mash, and a great roaster.

Bonnie delivers a decent crop of even-sized tubers with bright skin and a splash of red colour around their shallow eyes. They have a general good disease resistance, so they are easy to grow, and in the kitchen they’re ideal for boiling and baking.

Nadine make great potato wedges and ideal for roasting, boiling and mashing.

Saxon are good for chips, boiling, mashing and jacket potatoes. Boils and bakes with good texture and freedom from cooking blackening or disintegration.

So there is the promise of interesting and unusual things to come at Go Local Food …