The wrong beans ….

French BeansStanding in the bottom Go Local Food poly tunnel recently, Ian said “Do those look like dwarf French beans?”

Christine said “No, what variety did it say on the packet?”

Ian: “Dwarf Bean Masterpiece”.

Christine: “I’ve got a packet of those, have sown some on my allotment and they aren’t like that.”

Some weeks later, Ian is going to have to erect wigwams in the poly tunnel to cope with climbing French beans.

Outside on the fields on Monday, Ian planted 28 metres of climbing French beans with 7 ft supports. And the question – what if these are dwarf French beans?

Sounds a bit Wallace and Gromit type of event doesn’t it? Or just a wrongly labelled seed packet. Let’s hope we don’t need ladders in the poly tunnel then. But in the end – there will be green beans in a future crop share.