Working with Newcastle University

Go Local Food LtdA group of students from Newcastle University visited the Go Local Food fields on Thursday this week – they did choose a rainy day.

As part of their Farming and Food Production Systems Field Course they are going to do a group study and presentation on options for improved sustainability of the Go Local Community Supported Agricultural venture.

Their brief is to come up with a plan for sustainable organic management of our business. The points they have to cover are:

  1. Soil and crop management strategies to ensure maintenance of soil fertility and management of pests.
  2. Production and marketing plant to ensure steady supply of vegetables throughout the year.
  3. Marketing strategies to grow our membership base.

Part of the course will be a 30 minute presentation which can be attended by Go Local Food members. We will be allowed to give some feedback which might even be included in the final version of the written report which is part of their project.

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