Growing update

Rain on poly tunnelDespite the welcome rain, Go Local Food work shares, grower and volunteers are busy. Kale seeds are in, dwarf French beans are sown, late Brussels sprouts are sown.

On the third time of trying, the coriander and basil seeds are showing. The first sowing failed because it was cold and wet, the second failed because it was hot and dry but this time everything seems to be just right.

All the cucumbers are now planted in the poly tunnel but one seems to be dying off and will have to be replaced. More tomatoes have been planted out in the poly tunnels. Clearing of winter vegetables from the middle poly tunnel will allow for peppers to be planted out.

There’s still ploughing to be done on the Go Local fields – the squash patch needs to be worked on as the season’s varieties of squashes are appearing in the poly tunnels ready for planting out.  The whole of the bottom field was rotovated after the rain this week.

The next order of bio degradable cornstarch has arrived and this time it is on a roll so no logistics involved like the last time the order arrived flat packed when a roll had to be created.