The wonderful machine …

Constarch laying machineKen Rusby and Ian are still making the final adjustments to the machine that lays the bio degradable cornstarch on the Go Local Food fields to suppress the weeds.

Mind you, Ken is unhappy as the machine has a puncture but Ian is sure that it is still possible to get hold of a suitable wheel to replace the punctured one.

When you visit the Go Local Food fields for your crop share do look out to see how much use has been made of this wonderful invention. So much is planted through the bio degradable cornstarch – it’s especially good for long standing crops such as Brussels sprouts and cabbages.

As the weeds are rioting at present (well it’s supposed to be the height of summer despite the miserable weather), this wonderful machine is a great help to work shares, volunteers and Ian out in the growing spaces.

Ian says that the strimmer needs to go out on the paths and on areas outside the growing space – he does have a wonderful crop of buttercups. But at the present not many dandelions!