Locally made Artisan bread

breadRemember that you can order bread to go with your Go Local Food crop share every week to collect when you collect your crop share. In case you have forgotten what you can order and how much things cost, nothing has changed sine we last posted the price list in 2015.

However, here is the Bread Price list for you to download as a word document or even print off and put in an easy to see place so that you can make a regular order on every Thursday!

The Artisan Baking Community can be found at www.earthdoctors.co.uk – it’s a social enterprise bakery based in Wylam – how good is it to support another small local business.

But you can just bookmark this post and refer to the price list below if that makes life easier for you:

Five Grain  –   £2.75
Light, satisfying wholemeal bread with lots of flavour.
Light Rye –    £2.50
Dense and delicious  with hint of caraway.
Sleepless White   –     £2
White slow fermented.
Light whole wheat    –    £2
Wholewheat slow fermented.
Pain Rustique    –    £1.75
Open textured with a subtle flavour, great for  sandwiches  or  bruschetta.  Or  try  the  olive  or  sun dried  tomato
Flavoured Pain Rustique – £2.25