Feedback from Newcastle University

Field CricketRemember the visit we had from the Newcastle University students on the organic farming and food production systems field course back in May?

Ian attended the presentation of their sustainability feedback for Go Local Food during the week. He said that it was a very professional presentation by all the students involved and showed us that we had covered all bases in our own discussions but it was certainly nice to know that what we are doing is going in the right direction.

One student had thought outside the box and looked around for information. We were asked whether we have thought about bug farming as part of what we do.  No we haven’t but it seems that this is a new area of food production that is beginning to expand. How about Edible Insect Farms Strive For Scale! Then there is the Edible Bug Farm and The Bug Shack who are looking at bug farming in the UK as a profit making enterprise. So maybe not off the scale of possibilities for Go Local Food at all if we come to the point of having the knowledge and being able to fund the investment.