A record breaking drought!

rainWe have had a wet and rainy week with temperatures on the low side. Ian was saying recently that rain would be helpful on the Go Local Food site at Ovington. But the Met Office reminds us this week that in 1976 the weather involved a record breaking heatwave and there was an ensuing drought!

Do you remember 1976? Some of the temperature records still stand and the lack of rainfall led to the most significant drought in the last 150 years.

1976 would have made it very difficult indeed to produce crops on the Ovington fields of Go Local Food. In fact, crops failed throughout the UK and food prices rose according to the Met Office.

We should realise just how much the weather affects food production and that all the things that Go Local Food can do with regards to good husbandry, soil care, growing crops that will cope with the local conditions and climate can still be undone by the one thing that we can’t control. The weather.