Taste of Tynedale Food Festival

Crop ShareDuring the weekend of Saturday 30 – Sunday 31 July 2016 there will be a Taste of Tynedale Food Festival in Hexham.

The organisers say “Our objectives for all our Taste events remain the same; to position the local areas as a world class food tourism destination, provide a high quality food tourism experience, improve visitors’ access to and raise awareness of local produce, food heroes and food culture and simulate demand for local produce and local quality dining experiences.”

Go Local Food will not be prominent amongst the stalls, demonstrations and events but this does not mean that we are not a Taste of Tynedale.  Week in and week out, Go Local Food supplies our members with locally grown vegetables and fruit in season as well as encouraging everyone to share recipes that they use and enjoy when cooking their weekly crop share.

We also encourage Go Local Food members to buy locally produced artisan bread and eggs to go with the weekly crop share. Sometimes we have home made jam as well. All this makes Go Local Food a really local and long term taste of Tynedale.


One thought on “Taste of Tynedale Food Festival

  1. “Go Local Food will not be prominent amongst the stalls, demonstrations and events”…… Maybe we should be there! This is surely an excellent marketing experience, surley the Plunket foundation funds can cover this?

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