Keep on planting

salad on a plateSuccessional sowing is the name of the game on the Go Local Food fields at Ovington. Turnips, lettuce, radish, spring onions, pak choi, mizuna, mibuna and Chinese Cabbage are all being sown to keep the crop share coming over the summer.

An excellent advantage of the bio degradable membrane that is now being used is that the space between the rows can be used for just this successional sowing. Look for the 40 metres of lettuces inbetween the rows of butternut squash for instance.

Other than salads:-

  1. there are 75 metres of sweet corn are now planted out;
  2. there are 75 metres of calabrese are now planted out;
  3. there are 75 metres of greyhound cabbage are now planted out;
  4. and there are another 75 metres of golden acre cabbages are due to be planted out.

There is also a good variety of other crops – Florence fennel, broccoli, late leeks, late Brussel sprouts and some main crop potatoes – to be planted out.