Not an easy season ….

CourgetteThis wet week has ensured that work on the Go Local Food fields at Ovington is somewhat behind. There are squash begging to be planted out if only Grower Ian could get the rotovator out to work on the bed where manuring and ploughing has been done.

The weather so far this spring and summer has ensured that growth is slow and some weeks behind with lack of warmth and sunshine when it should be the peak growing season. Go Local Food tomatoes are looking to be a couple of weeks behind last year with the plum tomatoes having set first and the rest just thinking about it, peppers not growing as fast as expected in the poly tunnels and the butternut squash are just sitting around on the field with no great haste to flower. Mind you, it isn’t just Go Local Food where things are not as expected though as others are saying that it’s a very mixed season with regards to growth.

There is rust upon the garlic which will have to be lifted soon and stored to dry. Unusually there is more rust in the area as a whole and people who would normally not be affected are complaining elsewhere too.

On the other hand, there are millions of broad beans and members may still be getting them in the crop share in August at this rate! The fat pigeon has attacked the tops of the climbing beans mind (yes we still have fat pigeons) though but this has saved the growing staff from having to pinch them out.

Grower Ian says that he’s never going to use the present poly tunnel for tomatoes again as it doesn’t have the right space or height – he’ll have to look carefully at the rotation there at the end of each season then. He also says that the cucumbers growing up strings are doing far better than those on metal supports so that’s a lesson for next year.

There you are then – all the moans and groans of growing in one go! But members will still get a crop share of home grown vegetables over the coming weeks despite all the mumbles and grumbles which seem to come with all produce growers all over the UK mind.