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The weatherman says …

by on July 8, 2016

Cloudy weatherJune 2016 was one of the wettest and dullest starts to summer since records began. Thanks Mr Weatherman.

Despite the temperatures being above average for the first month of summer, there were just 138 hours of sun. This makes it the seventh dullest June since 1929.

It was also the wettest start to the summer since 2012 with the average rainfall being 39% more than usual.

Data from the Met Office confirmed that it was the 11th-wettest June since records began in 1910. Although no counties broke their own records for rainfall, several across Scotland and the south-east saw twice the average amount of rain.

Despite a sunny start, the end of June saw thunderstorms and flash flooding which affected London and the southeast of England.

Locally, it has been on the whole cooler than average with less sunshine than normal. And we have been one of the drier areas of the country – looking for rain when others had flash floods. So not summer as we expect it and the lack of sunshine has slowed growth on the Go Local Food site at Ovington.


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  1. vml59 permalink

    Thanks for the cheery post Christine!

  2. Christine permalink

    After coming from a farming background my first job many years ago was in weather forecasting and then I went on to work in gardening. So I’m trained to mumble about the weather she says laughing.

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