Tell people why co-ops matter

co-op logoOver recent weeks, co-ops of all shapes and sizes across the UK have been celebrating Co-operatives Fortnight and encouraging people to choose co-op.

Why? Because co-ops offer a better way of running a business, one where people are as important as the bottom line.

From Monday 4 July, co-ops right across the UK have been sharing the film What if to explain why co-ops are a better way of running a business.

Go Local Food just happens to be a member owned co-op (as opposed to retail or worker/employee owned) and as such is a member of the co-op movement and of Co-operatives UK!

Remember that a co-op is not just the well known grocery food store but something that can come in many other sizes and shapes. Go Local Food offers our members that chance to buy from Suma, the largest UK worker co-operative. So you already support two co-ops with your purchases without even thinking about it or questioning how things are run.