Using everything we can

broad bean tipsGo Local Food tries to encourage members to make use of all parts of the crops that we grow which explains some of the “not in the supermarket and greengrocers” items. Broad bean tops for instance.

You won’t find these on sale in the shops and they are something that only vegetable gardeners and folks such as members of the Go Local Food co-op get to eat.

Picked early to avoid aphid attacks, broad bean tops can be given a quick wash, popped in boiling water for four minutes and then coated with butter before serving. Or they can be added to a stir fry. Why should we waste them when we can include them in your crop share for you to enjoy!

Bunches of RadishThen there are the leaves from the radishes. How many of you just cut off the tops of the radishes and put them in the compost? Wrong!

Put them in a salad along with the actual radishes or use them in soup, dahl, pesto, stir fry or even quiches! Two for the price of one then. Don’t be throwing away part of your crop share because you have never thought of using it but instead explore ways to use everything.