A mixed bag of a season to date

broad beansGo Local Food is having a mixed season so far like many more growers around the UK this year.

The first row of broad beans has produced about 200 kilos so far this season and there are five more rows to go. Allotment growers around the country have been moaning about slow bean growth in some areas so we have a success on our hands there. And the potatoes are looking good too with the extra rows we have been able to plant. Likewise the peas look to be making a good show of things after being caught early on with high winds.

The cucumbers are cropping well but the tomatoes are slow to ripen. There’s a general consensus that both crops are behaving like this throughout the area not just on our fields. I know where there are plenty of tomato growers saying the same at the moment.

The carrots sown earlier have failed but Go Local Food is not the only ones to have had the problem – you can have successful carrots or successful parsnips this year it seems according to some of the allotment growing sites (cross fingers that our parsnips continue well then).  Ian our grower thinks to put in a late sowing of the small round Paris Market Carrots which can be sown late and mature reasonably fast.

Squash and courgettes are a mixed bag – the spaghetti squash crop seems not sure if it wants to succeed but the butternut squash are making a go of it at present.

Grower Ian feels that spring hung around long after summer should have arrived so that many vegetable crops have been out of sync with the normal growing season. One thing this meant is that crops which should have been out of the ground to leave space for the next crop to go in the space hung around to mature later than usual (think winter onions for instance) so holding up the next crop out.

The slightly late arrival of the excellent machine to lay the bio degradable cornstarch held up the planned planting schedule a little as well. Next season that shouldn’t be an excuse though should it?