Counting butterflies and other wildlife

cabbage-white-butterflyGo Local Food still has an interesting wild life population on site at Ovingham.

If anyone has a spare hour or so to take part in the 2016 big butterfly count which runs till 7th August, Ian will be happy to let you sit and observe on the Go Local Food fields for the fifteen minutes required. There are certainly cabbage white butterflies (of course there are and they will have visited the brassicas!) and possibly Red Admirals as well as the tortoiseshell butterflies that have been spotted this year but we think there might be others as well.

There was a blackbird who sneaked under the strawberry netting to see if there were any strawberries for him as well as for the crop share.

The pigeons look to still be nesting in the hedges. They seem to have other things on their minds besides trying to eat the brassicas just at the moment.

Ian our grower found a leveret in the onion bed. How did that get  in? Another walk of the rabbit proof perimeter fences needed as these should keep hares out too!

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