The great summer BBQ 2016

rainTo all of those of you who didn’t turn up for the Go Local Food BBQ last Saturday because of the rain – it did happen and a great time was had by all who did turn out.  We made use of the refurbished shed which is nearly complete now.

Using his very creative recycling skills, Ian has been hard at work turning the lean-to shelter into a very useful meeting place, shed and tea room.

We already have a propagating room here. The plan is to move veg collection into the shed, move the dome and put up another small poly tunnel that we acquired last year. All of which will make us more efficient with our growing as well as creating a more comfortable space to meet.

But last Saturday the refurbished shed proved its worth as we didn’t have to cancel the famous BBq due to the weather and we did have space to party.

3 thoughts on “The great summer BBQ 2016

  1. I’m sure Richy played rather a large part in converting that she’d into a palace along with Ian! The state of shoddy journalism these days, I blame the BBC for lowering the standard! :b

  2. I’m only as good as what “they” tell me man. I’ll have a word with “they” more often then.

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