The Slug Crop

slug on greensIt has been a good year for slugs if you want a crop of them. The last warm winter didn’t decimate the numbers as would normally happen and the conditions for the rest of the year have been ideal for breeding.

If you are a student of slugs, you will have been able take your pick of the size and colour of your slug as well from excellent share of them on the Go Local Food fields. And they have enjoyed competing for the crops that should go into the crop share.

The other side of the coin is that moving things outside on the fields has turned up a multitude of well fed toads and a goodly number of frogs. Unfortunately we haven’t had the time to identify the different sorts of toads or frogs. But at least we have some form of slug control provided by nature.

The downside is that the rabbit proof fencing has kept the local hedgehogs out of the growing spaces so they haven’t benefited from this source of food. It seems as if Go Local Food has fewer hedgehogs this year.