Field Work at Go Local Food

rows of onionsIt may be the end of the summer and the start of autumn but there is still plenty of work to be done on the Go Local Food fields.

There is Chinese cabbage to be planted out on the fields as well as crops such as spinach and Chinese greens to go into the poly tunnels.

The beds need to be prepared ready for the overwintering onions and garlic to be planted. Ian is considering having another crop of Shakespeare onions as they did well this year.

The strawberry bed has been in the same place for the last five years and needs to be moved on. The plan is to grow on hay bales next year with the bales provided courtesy of Killibride Estate at Temperley Grange. The bed will move to the space to one side of the present bed and extend along the roadside hedge. Strawberry runners have already been planted up in readiness for the move.

There is a trial with two rows of sorrel and a row of winter purslane planted as cash crops outside between some of the rows of winter brassicas to see if we can grow these outdoors over winter.

The sweetcorn looks to be ripening nicely and may well be ready for next week.

Ian is also attempting to multiply some bulbs of elephant garlic in order to provide something which can be included in the crop share from own stock in the future.