Working with Nature

potato blight foliageThe red spiders have won the battle with the Go Local Food cucumbers and it looks as if it has been the last week for these in the crop share this week.

There has been much squishing of caterpillars on cabbages but some of the cabbages have been decimated. The butterflies have certainly been out late this year as the warm and sunny weather which suits them has come late.

But we think we may be winning against the pigeons – at the moment.

It looks as if it has been a good year for voles from the number of nests that have been found as crops have been harvested.

A rabbit roared across the garden centre grass outside the rabbit proof fence on Friday morning. The fence was working then.

The potatoes have been affected by blight on the Go Local Food fields. That was probably the humid and warm weather over the season that set it off. The foliage was removed some weeks ago and Ian is lifting now lifting the tubers as fast as he can in order to save as much of the crop as he can.