Busy work shares!

plum tomatoesOn Friday morning John was busy taking out the cucumbers now that disease has defeated them. He has been so busy picking them for crop shares over the previous weeks that it seemed only fair to let him clear the area just so that he knows he hasn’t to pick any more this season. As a result I found Ian picking red and yellow tomatoes for the crop share this weekend.

Richy has been down amongst the pumpkins that were supposed to be butternut squash clearing the area of weeds to let the sun in to ripen the crop. His work has certainly done wonders as you can see them turning bright and shining yellow from the top of the field.

John and Joan planted out Florence Fennel last week – some in the poly tunnels and some out under bio degradable plastic to keep the soil warm. It’s still there and growing this week and should be in the crop share in a couple of months.

If you look down the fields, you will see that the work shares have planted out pak choi and Chinese greens are outside under covers to keep the pigeons away! There’s much true spinach to be planted in the poly tunnels as well.

And there are the final sowing of winter crops to be done as soon as possible:

winter lettuce, mibuna, mitzuna, chard, black tuscany kale, mustards, radish, paksoi, lambs lettuce and water cress.

The water cress will be planted on soil placed on top of bio degradable black plastic so that it can be easily watered and kept damp. That’s all it requires.