What is it?

squashIt’s not the pumpkin that the fairy godmother is going to turn into Cinderella’s coach later in the season as it wasn’t found with the butternut squash that turned out to be pumpkins.pattypan squash

It’s not one of  the pattypan squash that were supposed to be growing in the space where it was found. It’s not an Uchiki Kuri which we do grow and it’s not a spaghetti squash as we didn’t find it there either.

It’s ripe from the sounds of it as when tapped it sounds right. So sitting in the working poly tunnel we have an unknown item of the clan squash. Is it the only one? What to do with it? Why don’t we know what it is? Even after a study of the seed catalogues we’ve found no matching picture that gives us a proper clue.

Ian thinks that better labelling next season might be a good idea.

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