Working on the Go Local Food fields

Bunches of RadishOn Friday I caught Ian the grower with head down and bottom up pulling radishes ready to sort and go into the crop share (he didn’t hear me coming!).

Of the work shares:

John was on his knees picking kale; Joan was picking runner beans – the plants are still putting up a few flowers but with the weather turning chilly these won’t set and produce more beans; Jude was taking a break from picking tomatoes as she had started before Ian arrived to direct proceedings; Chris (Pentney) was asked to dig about a 100 leeks and to use a small digging fork (did I hear Ian mummer a lady’s fork? – I hope not!) as this would make the job easier.

You could see where earlier in the week, Paul and Richie have started the double digging down the bed in the poly tunnel where cucumbers grew this season and adding richly smelling manure into the bottom of the trench. Now there’s a hard labour of love to improve the soil for next year.

Go Local Food work shares certainly do a lot of work that maybe the members don’t always appreciate.