The changing of the seasons

pumpkinEveryone is busy on the changeover of the seasons at Go Local Food fields now. Grower Ian is having some problems getting winter onion sets to be planted out for reasons not known. This is the problem of the moment as these sets need to be planted out as does the winter garlic.

Hay bales have been moved along the roadside hedge ready for planting up with strawberry runners. At least these have stayed where they have been put. Ian has had the misfortune to have a neighbour’s bull arrive in his Temperly fields unexpectedly and without permission. Apparently the lad had a great time knocking down Ian’s neatly stacked bales there.

There are only another 25 yards of second early potatoes to lift. It’s not possible to lift the main crop potatoes till the pumpkins have been cleared – but this is happening steadily.