Many hands… Saturday

gardenerAt the last Go Local Food members’ meeting we talked about how to get enough hours on the field for all the jobs that need to be done. This year has been particularly hard as we ‘lost’ Sean’s hours, we have reduced Ian’s hours (both with view to balancing the budget) and we have been very low on volunteer input from either members or other folk.

One of the members suggested we tried something different and organise, a Saturday session with the idea that if we are collect our veg maybe we could stay for a little longer or come a little earlier and help out for an hour. There are masses of things to be done so don’t just think heavy digging or weeding (though there are a lot of weeds), the site generally needs a good tidy up – there’s something for everyone! So starting THIS Saturday 5th November the plan is to try…

• 1st Saturday in the month

Collect your veg and stay a while – an hour or more – or come early and then collect your veg
Get stuck in to the list of tasks that will help us keep on top of the many many jobs that need doing
We’ll have the kettle on – bring your lunch, if you plan to be there around that time
Don’t forget your wellie boots or strong shoes and gloves
Get to meet other members and find out more about the fields
Bring the kids

Hope to see you there!