Outside work for the autumn and winter

cabbagesThere is work to be done on the Go Local Fields to prepare for next year.

A major area of work to be done soon is working on the area where beans of various sorts have grown this year. The broad beans are long gone but there are still runner and climbing beans to be cleared to the compost heap. The canes can be stacked ready for next year.

Then comes the plough, manure added and a fallow period allowed to let the weeds appear and be cleared. Finally the area will be covered with black biodegradable cornstarch and eventually planted up with next year’s brassica crop.

raised carrot bedAnd there is the working up of the raised bed for carrots that is being filled up with soil from the raised beds that are being cleared at present.

This is only the start of the bed – more wood and posts will have to be found to make it twice as long as it is at present.

Protective netting will be used to keep the carrot fly from the crop of course!