Poly tunnel work

finished carrot bedThe tomato raised beds are all cleared now and the polytunnel is getting ready for the next crops. The soil has all gone outside into the raised bed for next year’s carrots. This just shows what can be done with foraged items (the wood for making the bed), a little reuse (reusing soil), thought and forward planning.


rearrange polytunnelThe raised beds inside the polytunnel are being rearranged as Ian and the Go Local Food work shares found that the season’s layout was difficult when caring for the tomatoes. Wide beds will go down the centre, narrow beds will go at the edges of the polytunnel and there should be space for a row of tubs as well as convenient walkways.

As soon as all is organised the space can be used for winter crops. There is some good looking parsley in tubs if you look carefully at the picture! Next week’s crop share do you think?

Black biodegradable cornstarch has been laid over the double digging that has been done in the polytunnel where the cucumbers grew this year so that is now ready be planted up with winter crops. Seedlings are waiting.

This week will see all the sweet peppers in the other polytunnel picked and put into the crop share. That will allow the soil to be refreshed and the space to be used for more winter crops. It should have been done before but the peppers kept on producing and it seemed a shame to waste them.