Outside in the late autumn

gardenerWasn’t it wet last weekend? Wasn’t it dismal last Saturday morning? However a small and hardy group of volunteers gave time on our first All Hands Saturday to tackle cabbage stalks (not an inside job that one). A big thank you to all who braved the weather.

The Go Local Food fields are very wet which means that as areas are being cleared of old crops, those rascal docks that dare to appear can be dug out easily. Yes there are still a few daring docks that are brave enough to appear. The work shares are used to waging war with them and gradually over the years we seem to be winning this war.

Despite the weather, 375 metres of winter garlic have been planted out recently. Here’s to next year’s crop shares then.

Grower Ian has made a note to himself that the parsnip beds may well have been too close to the hedges this year. He is not happy with the standard of them this year and feels that the hedge may have taken the needful moisture in the drier weather in the summer.

And as a passing thought – did one of our members leave this pumpkin at the gate on the way into Go Local Food at Ovington? He has been sitting there since Halloween. Was he one who missed out on being entered into the harvest supper competition? Let’s hope he’s not scaring people away!

Pumpkin Lantern